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A building’s façade must be clear of trash, filth, stains, and pollutants. Facade refers to the building’s entryway. We offer glass cleaning services, thoroughly washing the outside and front of hotels, companies, commercial buildings, and homes. No matter the height, we provide cleaning, accuracy, and cleanliness in every area.


We understand the importance of business operations. We closely work with our clients for job timings and cost-effective solutions.


We are not limited to just cleaning. Our list of additional services makes us a comprehensive solution for any business or company.

Industries We Serve

Glass, Windows & Balustrade Cleaning

Corporate Buildings

Airports & Airlines

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Schools and Educational Institutions

Malls and Entertainment Venues

Sports & Fitness Centers

Automobile Showrooms

Hotels & Banquet Halls

Corporate Buildings Glass Cleaning Services In Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s most densely populated metro city. With over three crore population, extreme weather conditions and constant dust make building maintenance a task.

Building aesthetics have changed over the past ten years, with contemporary structures essential for maximising the benefits of sunshine. The disadvantage is that it’s challenging to keep the crystals sparkling. Thus employing a business to handle this is crucial. Routine hygiene removes pollution and bad weather, such as rain or wind.

Poonam Cares has a dedicated team providing glass cleaning services in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. You can also catch our recent work on our Facebook page.

Glass Cleaning Of High Structures - Leave it to professionals

Access to high and complicated structures can be challenging. Compliance with current Occupational Health and Safety requirements is required when cleaning glass heights. Glass cleaning companies should have a track record of completing assignments.

With over a decade of experience, Poonam Cares has completed over 50+ glass and window cleaning projects in Mumbai & Thane. The best thing about our company is that we have the correct crew members who are knowledgeable about technical expertise and have a wealth of experience.


Have Any Questions?

Why clean the windows or facade? Window cleaning regularly will keep them beautiful for many years. Also, it improves your workplace’s energy efficiency and ability to avoid window damage.
Depending on the amount of pollution and dust in the area, a facade should be cleaned at least twice or thrice yearly.
The cleaners spend a few hours cleaning the exterior of a building. Yet, the time needed increases depending on variables like height and access.
It depends on many factors, such as property type, location and labour required for the job. It would be best to talk to our expert and get a free quotation over the phone.

Poonam Cares provides the following services for facade cleaning:

  • Water Cleaning Method: Water Soaking & Pressure Washing.
  • Chemical Cleaning Method: Cleaning stains that cannot be removed by water.
  • Spiderman Cleaning Services: Most popular and cost-effective method of cleaning a facade.

What we do

Glass Windows Cleaning

We can enter workspaces that are physically or financially inaccessible using conventional access methods like scaffolding using customised procedures.

Facade Cleaning

With the help of our safety methods, we ensure that abseiling window washing on buildings and other structures is done swiftly, safely, and efficiently while lowering project costs.

Balustrade Cleaning

With our sophisticated abseiling access services, we can offer specialised Balustrade cleaning methods.

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Fully Packed Infra & Crew - Poonam Cares

Professional glass facades and window cleaning require unique techniques and equipment. Finding the correct altitude and access point is crucial to getting the job done at an elevated height.

We have qualified personnel who know the dangers of washing tall buildings’ windows. Our employees are outfitted with anchor bolts and leather safety belts. To effectively clean the glass windows, we employ cleaning equipment such as water, a squeegee, water-fed poles, brushes, ladders, platforms, ropes, etc.

We provide excellent services for cleaning the window glass. We use water-saving equipment and techniques to clean windows in the office and home. Contact us for a free examination and consultation; we provide the most outstanding cleaning package. To clean the window, we use the following tools:
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