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One of Mumbai’s top-rated marble polishing companies, Poonam Cares, has many satisfied clients and never skimps on quality. We work with stone floors and set them in appealing ways to enhance their beauty. Corporate buildings, villas, apartments, farms, restaurants, and homes benefit from the marble polishing service in Mumbai to maintain a spotless and appealing floor. To provide marble polishing services in Mumbai, Poonam Cares has highly specialised equipment, instruments, and staff that are trained professionals with expertise in the field.

Need To Polish Marble

Most people prefer to use various types of marble for their flooring surfaces. But the issue is with maintenance. Maintaining the floor’s aesthetic appeal and lustre requires regular marble polishing. Nobody can polish marble in their home, workplace, or other space. Time is another important factor in maintaining the regularity of all these cleaning issues. You know how easily dust can accumulate on flooring, especially marble flooring. So, hiring a marble polishing company is the only way to resolve this problem. You can keep your floor tidy, appealing, and shiny while saving time.

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Why should I hire a professional to polish my marble floors?

Anyone can polish a floor, but they won’t be able to achieve the same level of perfection as a professional. If you spend money on marble flooring, you must also spend money on keeping it clean. If marble floors are not regularly cleaned and maintained, they look drab and ugly.

Maintaining marble floors is a difficult task because, before using any ingredients for its polishing, you must understand the type of marble stone and its reactive nature. Some acidic substances can completely ruin the beauty of the marble surface. Therefore, it is best to select licenced professionals for floor polishing. You can join our Facebook page for all the latest offers and work.

Marble Polishing Services by Poonam Cares

Cleaning Marble Stains

Calcium bicarbonate, a major component of marble, necessitates effective cleaning with the right chemicals and tools. While some marble stains are simple to remove, others can be challenging. Rust and grout stains are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Even such difficult stains are easily removed with professional assistance.


If you attempt to polish floors yourself, you risk making mistakes and wasting time. To save time and effort, you must hire a reputable floor cleaning company to complete the work. Make sure there are no mistakes in the polishing trials you conduct. To fix that would be too expensive. It is always best to leave floor polishing to the professionals rather than attempting it yourself.


Have Any Questions?

Maintaining the polished, opulent appearance of your marble flooring for as long as you can is crucial. This entails polishing it once every one to three years to remove the scratches and restore the shine.
As was already mentioned, polishing marble is known to make it denser. With improved density, the surface will remain shiny and spotless for much longer because it will be less prone to cracking, chipping, and abrasion. Additionally, polished marble lasts for years with a clean, shiny appearance.
Because polished marble has a very low chance of absorbing water, sealing is unnecessary because there is little risk of staining.
With mechanical polishing, products can have a better surface finish, less product adhesion, better surface cleanability, and greater aesthetic appeal.
It is possible to change a polished marble counter into a honed surface or vice versa. Still, the project calls for expertise, special tools, and other resources, so it is best to leave this task to a qualified stone polishing expert.

Our Manner of Working

We begin the marble polishing in the Mumbai process in stages. The steps we take for better polishing are as follows.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning stone floors, including marble, granite, sandstone, mosaic tiles, wooden floors, etc., is what this process entails. Only the floor surface is cleaned during this process; however, this does not impact how shiny the floor is.

Floor Buffing

During this procedure, the floors are cleaned, and the gloss is enhanced by shining them. We use specialised buffing pads to ensure the stone's original finish or polish is not harmed. On a wooden floor, it typically produces immediate results because the delicate texture and finish of the wood are preserved.

Floor Polishing

To remove dust and dirt, the marble and wooden floors are scrubbed during this process. This polishing removes light scratches, water, acid, coffee, tea stains, and other organic stains.

Floor Grinding and Polishing

Using various types of pads and grits on a single disc machine, floor grinding removes a thin layer of the stone floor. This marble polishing procedure aims to give the floor shine and gloss by removing scratches and stubborn stains.

Deep Floor Polishing

Since marble is a hard stone, we must use the most complex material to polish the floor to bring out its shine. Because heat activates the polishing powder, even the deepest scratches on your marble floor can be quickly and affordably removed.

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