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Are you looking for reliable specialized services for home sanitization in Panvel? As we all are aware that due to the rise in Covid-19, all are looking for sanitization services for their office premises, government buildings, commercial and residential spaces at affordable prices. Poonam Cares has the best-skilled team who are ready to provide optimum hygiene and protection to everyone who gets in touch with us. We ensure a clean germ-free environment which is helpful in securing your place from Covid-19 infection.

We make sure to clean and provide hygiene at your workplace. We undertake different sanitization methods such as deep cleaning and coronavirus disinfection. Every Individual must keep their hand clean using the sanitizer if they touch anything which was already in contact with any other person. If you are willing to know more about our scope of work and the detailed process of our sanitization services in Panvel then drop us an email or leave a miscall. Our customer representative will shortly respond back to you.

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Home Sanitization Services

Most of us are at the house these days, and our homes need thorough sanitization and disinfection to help fight the coronavirus along with other harmful viruses, bacteria, and dust or pest-related issues. Poonam cares offers professional home sanitization in Panvel, Thane, and Mumbai. Our services are professional, affordable, and high quality.


Office Sanitization Services

While some workplace areas area unit slowly gap, others are open through the Covid-19 storm, serving folks, weathering the storm. However, in each case, these offices have had to implement strict, daily, generally, even hourly medical aid services to stay their surroundings safe for the staff and people United Nations agency visit them. Your workplace boys and improvement workers will not do it alone, so, Poonam Cares is providing the best Office sanitization services in Panvel, Thane, Kalyan, and Andheri. 


Factory Sanitization Services

Factory floors and business areas like outlets, cafes, restaurants see the foremost traffic throughout the day and can need the deepest and most frequent cleansing and improvement to stay performing at par with the arrival of Coronavirus. At tormentor Cure, we tend to acknowledge this ever-changing want and provide in-depth deep improvement and disinfection services for works areas in the urban center, Kalyan, and Thane.

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Poonam Cares has been providing the highest quality of Home Sanitization in Panvel, Home Cleaning Services, Deep Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, House sanitization, Sanitization services in Thane, and Home Sanitaizetion Service in Navi Mumbai.

  • Treament is carried out by trained professionals with the use of PPE’s.
  • Only KLEENWEL crew is to be present in the Treatment area.
  • Contact with chemical may lead to Skin Irritation and Coughing.
  • If any such instances, contact our crew at site for proper guidance and First Aid.
  • Coughing : Breathe normally do not panic. Drink water or 1/2 cup Milk.
  • Skin Irritation: Wash thoroughly with cold water for 10-15mins.

It depends on the area to be covered.

  • Commercial Area : 3000 sq.ft ~ 1-2 hours
  • Residential Building: 7 Levels ~ 2 hours

Within 5-10 minutes in contact with the Surface Treated. Book Experts for home sanitization services in Thane.

The premise needs to be vacant for 2-3hours post treatment.


The frequency can be decided depending on the footfall of the persons per day.

Contact our team for proper guidance.

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