Pest Control Services In Byculla

With the growing population, new buildings and houses are happening rapidly. And maintaining the old and new properties is tiring and costly. As the weather changes, rodents and other pests search for a warm, comfortable hiding spot. This indicates that they enter the residence or structure, thereby annoying individuals. These critters trespass on various items, including food, paper, and wood. As a result, it could lead to many issues for you as a property or business owner. Poonam Cares provide pest control services in Byculla and hundreds of other areas in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. You can join our Facebook page for all the latest offers and work.

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Why do you need pest control services in Byculla?

You should eliminate pests from your house, garage, or yard for your safety and well-being. Rodents, for instance, may urinate on or next to the food they locate in your kitchen. You may get seriously ill if you unintentionally consume tainted food. All types of pests transmit virulent germs and viruses that need long-term treatment. Asthma is one example of a medical condition that others can exacerbate.

With over a decade of experience, Poonam Cares has completed over 5000+ pest control and cleaning projects in Mumbai & Thane. The best thing about our company is that we have the correct crew members who are knowledgeable about technical expertise and have a wealth of experience.

Looking For Pest Control Services In Byculla? Choose Poonam Cares

Pest Control Services In Byculla by Poonam Cares

Best Pesticides Use

The pest control industry uses many chemicals. So, you must conduct a study to ensure you know how to handle pesticides professionally. It could result in health issues or aggravate pre-existing problems. Poonam Cares recognises the significance and ensures pesticides are used according to accepted practices.

Police Verified Staff

Poonam Cares understands the importance of clients' peace of mind. As thousands of migrant workers come to our city for work, we ensure the local police thoroughly verify our staff. Our clients represent various industries, and we make sure that the right team is present at the right place.

All-In-One Solution

Poonam Cares is the best pest control company in Byculla. However, we are not just limited to pest control. From deep home cleaning to marble polishing, we can meet all the cleaning requirements of residential and commercial customers.


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Pest control offers a defence against dangerous insects that could endanger public health and result in expensive property damages. When people hear “pest management” or “pest control,” they frequently picture eliminating fleas, spiders, or roaches.
Termite, ant, bed bug, spider, mouse, and rat control are among the most typical services a pest control technician provides. There are many different pests, and as a result, many different companies control them.
To ensure that you are completely protected from pests and rodents, most pest control services advise quarterly visits (a minimum of four times – once every three months) spaced out throughout the year.
Facilities for healthcare, retirement living, schools, daycare centres, etc. These kinds of businesses are susceptible to problems and severe health risks when pests invade them.
An average pest control treatment will last for 90 days. The effectiveness of outdoor applications may be compromised and will last for about 60 days if there is frequent or heavy rainfall. Pesticides that treat flying insects like flies or mosquitoes have a 30-day shelf life.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Byculla

Any place, including commercial and industrial settings, is susceptible to a slow spread of a pest infestation. The majority of commercial areas, including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, food processing industries, hotels, restaurants, ITS sectors, pharmaceutical stores, office buildings, shopping malls, retail establishments, supermarkets, and other commercial complexes or facilities, are currently affected by significant pest infestation issues.
Pests may be significantly contributing to your company’s losses. Pests spread dangerous infections throughout your commercial locations, putting the residents and visitors at significant risk for serious health issues. The majority of people are generally terrified of various bugs.
It may therefore affect the expansion of your company. As a result, you should contact the best commercial pest control in Byculla immediately and conduct regular inspections with pest experts like us. Thus, do not wait until the pests have done everything before contacting our commercial pest control service if you are annoyed by pests in your commercial spaces. We have a staff of experts who have undergone extensive training and are ready to assist you.

Residential Pest Control Services In Byculla

Pests can bring on many illnesses. They can harm your property and entirely ruin it and spread several diseases. Whenever a bug invades your residential homes, there is no set time limit for how quickly it can spread throughout the neighbourhood. So, hiring a professional for residential pest control in Byculla can always be a wise choice. Poonam Cares, a reputable and helpful pest control company, offers its clients organic pest control services for a fair price. Take your time; pest treatment must be done before these nasty bugs can cause significant losses and damage.

To manage pests, we use cutting-edge methods such as gel treatment, fogging, spraying, netting, etc. We also use chemical and herbal remedies depending on the customer’s needs. The pesticides are powerful enough to kill bugs in two to three hours. During therapy, your home does not need to be empty. You must keep the centre of your house clear and cover all the appliances with clothes or old bed linens.

What we do

Our Pest Control Services In Byculla

Commercial Pest Control

Poonam Cares is a reputable commercial pest control company in the Byculla neighbourhood. We have constantly offered pest control services that are both very effective and trouble-free.

Residential Pest Control

We have a solid reputation in the market for offering residential pest control services in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai that are of the highest calibre at the best price.

Pest Control For Cockroaches

Since we only use natural and organic products to eradicate cockroaches thoroughly, we guarantee that there will be no dangerous or detrimental effects on humans or pets. Our staff can provide a free site assessment on any given day in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai.

Termite Control

Poonam Cares can assist in pre and post-termite control of your property. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools. We use authentic anti-termite chemicals, the best in the industry.

Rodent Control

Avoiding rodents can be expensive and frustrating. We have a dedicated team to handle your rodent issues at the house, warehouse, restaurants, etc.

Mosquito Control

We provide a guaranteed fix for mosquito issues anywhere in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. An invasion of mosquitoes is a significant problem that requires prompt attention. Dial our number right now!

Fly Control

Places such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals give a wrong impression if any kind of fly is present. Our chemical treatment by experienced staff can help you eliminate various flies.

Bed Bugs Control

It is a nightmare if the bugs are in your house or a hotel bed. Everyone deserves to have a sound sleep. Let us help you to get one. Call us now.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Byculla?

Professional pest control costs vary depending on several factors in Byculla, Mumbai. The type of pest is one of the essential cost-affecting elements. Pests and insects of all kinds may enter the premises of your house or place of business.

Also, the cost of hiring expert pest control services in Byculla can vary depending on the severity of the insect infestation. After visiting your site, we can provide an accurate price estimate. Poonam Cares can also customise our pest control services according to your needs. Various industries want us to provide the service during off hours, such as hospitals, airports, corporate offices, restaurants and schools.

How It Works

Hiring the right pest control services in Byculla is the key, as pest control is costly and time-consuming. Poonam Cares is a well-known and highly skilled provider of pest control services in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. Following a site examination, we offer a variety of pest control treatments, including cockroach control, mosquito control, termite control, bedbug management, and more.

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